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Carmex - Precision Threading Tools
Thread Turning and Thread MillingCarbide Inserts and Holders.
Micro Solid Carbide tools for small bore threading and grooving.

Gaetano Caporali
Precision Holding Toolsand CNC Tooling. Italian made quality and reliability.

Collis Tools
Precision Holding tools, Tapping attachments, etc. Made in the USA

Llambrich- Precision Drill Chucks
High quality, high precision, Drill Chucks, Lathe Centres and Accessories.

Newcomer Products'
American made Carbide inserts and Holders for Parting, Grooving, and general Turning.

Hassay Savage
Broaching tooling for a wide range of applications. Keyway, Push, Pull, Hexagonal and Square broaches.

IMCO Carbide
Quality Solid Carbide End Mills, Drills, Reamers and Burrs with high performance coatings. Made in the USA.

Niagara Cutter
Solid Carbide, HSS and Cobalt End mills and Milling Cuttersin a range of high performance coatings. Made in the USA.

Precision Twist Drills
Twist Drills in Carbide and HSS and Cobalt. With a huge range of sizes and tip geometries high performance coatings. Made in the USA.

Goliath Threading Tools
Suppliers of quality Taps, Dies and threading equipment.
Made in the U.K.

HSS and Cobalt Drills, Endmills, and Taps and Dies.

Crucelegui Hermanos
Hydraulic, Mechanical, and Universal Vises
Boring Heads and Lathe Centres
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